B20 Biodieselt

What are Biodiesel and B20?

Biodiesel is a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel made from vegetable oils and animal fats.

Palm biodiesel is made from a sustainable source of palm oil through the process of transesterification. It can be used at different rates for use in the industrial and transport sectors.

B20 biodiesel oil is a blend of 20% biodiesel oil and 80% petroleum diesel. The launch of B20 oil biodiesel at the beginning of 2020 will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and in turn help the country for the development of the green energy sector.

What is the difference between palm biodiesel and petroleum diesel?

  • Palm biodiesel burns more completely with much less greenhouse emissions than petroleum diesel.
  • Palm biodiesel burns more efficiently, produces better combustion, cleaner exhaust emissions and reduces engine fatigue due to higher biodiesel lubrication value.
  • Petroleum diesel is processed from fossil fuel while palm diesel is made from renewable and sustainable palm oil.

How is Palm Biodiesel produced?

Palm biodiesel is produced by oil palm producing countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia and so on. With 16 palm biodiesel plants operating nationwide, Malaysia is capable of producing 2 million tonnes of palm biodiesel a year.

Here’s how palm biodiesel is produced and processed into B20.

  • Refined palm oil is processed through a transesterification reaction to produce palm biodiesel
  • Palm biodiesel is sent to the petroleum depot for storage
  • A mixture of 20% palm biodiesel with 80% petroleum diesel is produced by using a mixing system in a petroleum depot
  • B20 Biodiesel is then distributed by petroleum companies to petrol stations across Malaysia

The benefits of the MPOB Biodiesel program:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduces imports of diesel and petroleum products
  • Increases the value of crude palm oil (CPO) exports due to the rise in CPO prices.
  • Provides new job opportunities
  • Increases the income of smallholders with the increase of oil prices
  • It’s a renewable source of energy